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The Strange Words and Worlds of James Tynion IV

Hi, there. I am James Tynion IV.

I write comic books. You probably already know that because presumably you clicked the link to subscribe to this monster from my twitter page.

I’ve been considering making the jump over to this format for the last few months. I’d love for there to be something a bit more useful for me to tell you about the projects I’m working on, and the thoughts I’ve had while working on those projects. Twitter is such a weird, transient place, and it’s also messy as hell.

I am going to be writing Batman in 2020, alongside a whole slate of creator-owned projects that I’ve only been able to hint about. This is a place where I can show bits of scripts and pitches, and tell you what books i’ve got coming out on sale, and also where I can say “hey, I watched this movie and/or read this book and I had some thoughts about it and I am going to share them with you.”

So, yeah. Subscribe if you want to read my words in larger than 250 character chunks.

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