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Hey, everyone!

It’s Greg again while James is en route to the UK for the Thought Bubble Comic Festival. Hope you had a nice weekend and your week is off to a good start!

It’s going to be a shorter update from me because I have a lot of work to do with all the wonderful collaborators on these Substack comics! Some you know already know (BLUE BOOK & the DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH: WILD FICTIONS, of course!) and some unannounced projects will be debuting here in the coming months… it’s really a thrilling time and I can’t wait to share more information soon!

W: James Tynion IV/A: Stefano Raffael/C: Romulo Fajardo Jr./Cover A: Guillem March/Cover B: Mico Suayan/1:25 Ratio Cover: James Stokoe/Punchline Back-up feature: W: Sam Johns/A: Sweeney Boo/AE: David Wielgosz/E: Ben Abernathy

The terrifying Sampson family is ready to exact their revenge on the Clown Prince of Crime for the murder of one of their own during A-Day! Will Gordon risk his life to save… The Joker? The shocking series continues with the most horrifying issue yet!

Backup: Punchline and Harper Row go head-to-head for the life and safety of Kelly Ness! If Harper loses, the radicalization of young people in Gotham City will know no limits!

As mentioned earlier, James will be appearing at the Thought Bubble Festival in Harrogate, England next Saturday and Sunday, November 13 + 14! He’s at Table 129 in the Bubbleboy Hall and a map can be found here.

Collaborators and co-creators will be appearing at the show, too: Álvaro Martínez Bueno, Michael Dialynas, Martin Simmonds are all at tables in the same row as James for all your signing and shopping needs!

And there are so many other wonderful artists and writers appearing at this show! Thought Bubble is consistently one of the friendliest and best comic book conventions in the world and I am so glad for its safe return this year! I hope you all have a wonderful time if you are attending!

There is A LOT of excitement behind the scenes here at the Tiny Onion Studios:

Razorblades #5 orders are beginning to ship out, as well as Onion Club and Day One subscription orders from their respective distro locations!

The webstore remains open here as we begin a transition to a new setup before the end of the year.

James is still officially off Twitter but @ReadTinyOnion is tweeting updates on the books as well as any other exciting announcements…

Readers of this newsletter have caught hints from James but… there are a few things in the pipeline that will completely surprise you. I can’t wait to see your reactions over the next few months of Tiny Onion Substack developments. Your support is what makes them possible.

These projects are some of the most thrilling comic books of my entire career! The same passion you see in BLUE BOOK and the DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH: WILD FICTIONS is continuing in these upcoming launches.

Thank you so much for all the kindness over the past few months! It’s really a wonderful community that is forming and we are so grateful to have you here as readers.

If you’d like to subscribe and join in the fun, you can do so here:

Thanks for reading and see you on Friday for our next WILD FICTION post!

Greg Lockard
The Editorial Cave