Literally all of this is fantastic news, I love your take and the ideas you're putting into this new and dangerous version of Gotham. Also, FINALLY a story where the Scarecrow is the big bad and has a good design again. Thank fuck.

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So you've got a three plan for Batman, huh? That's great! Geez, I wonder what's coming at the end of the third year? My guess is this run is planned to go until 2025 and what's 2025 you say?

That's the 40th anniversary of Crisis On Infinite Earths and everyone knows just how much DC loves anniversaries. I am disappointed though that Bane is coming back into the Batman book. Why is it only Bane and Joker seem to get the most exposure? Batman has way more villains than just those two.

But nobody wants to use any of them. I don't understand why. Also, you're run has a lot of similarities with the pre-Crisis Batman run by Doug Moench, I was wondering do you know that and is it intentional? Because that was a great Batman run. I have a lot of those comics in my Batman graphic novel library.

I do disagree with two plot threads in your run though. The two plot threads I disagree with are:

1) Turning Gotham City into Mega City One from Judge Dredd.

2) Ageing out Bruce Wayne.

Gotham is not Mega City One so it should not look like that. And Bruce Wayne is Batman. It doesn't matter who attempts to fill in for him. They all wind up failing somehow and Bruce Wayne has to save the day.

That's why he's the ultimate hero. I mean who else would you know would stand up to Darkseid without having any super powers at all, huh? What you guys should do is let him attempt to fix whatever he's doing wrong instead of shuffling him off to the side because he's "getting too old." Also, how was it chosen that Tim Fox would become the next Batman?

Naturally, if you're going to do a Batman of color, it should've been Black Lightning. Everything he's been through with Batman. It's the natural progression of his character arc. Plus, it would be really cool to see Batman shooting bolts of lightning at criminals, don't you think?

Did you guys ever consider using Black Lightning as Batman or was it always this Tim Fox who only appeared in one comic back in like 1977 and who has no personal connection to Batman at all, not like Jefferson Pierce? Also, why did you mention in your newsletter about how Gotham looks like BTAS and is on its way to becoming Batman Beyond? The cartoons are not canon. If you want a comic that's connected to BTAS all you have to do is go read White Knight.

That's set in the BTAS universe. You leave me pondering a lot of questions, Mr. Tynion IV. Happy Holidays and I wish you a Happy New Year as well.

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I'm sorry but I cannot agree with the claim that every story happenned, Batman & Robin: Eternal and No Man's Land are mutually exclusive and simply incapable of existing in one continuity especially with an idea one happened after another as they contradict everything about Cassandra Cain and her father, who are too important in both books to leave them out.

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